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Food is being traded in huge quantities every day, with significances, exports and internal deals forming a complex and dynamic movement. When it comes to food safety every single item must be tracked and threat- managed along its trip from farmstead to fork. Any lapse in food safety can have mischievous consequences on the consumer and have a negative fiscal impact on a company, not to mention significant impacts on character. It stands to reason that food safety is precautionary in nature rather than archconservative.

Food companies are needed to have a safety plan in place to insure that recessions from the request are minimised. The General Food Law, Regulation EC No178/2002, dictates the general principles of food safety and food law, commodity food handling businesses must misbehave with in order to insure that safe food is released to the request. The safety of food can be affected by a range of unwanted organisms or accoutrements , similar as remainders, pollutants, poisons, microbes, and allergens.

According to a recent check by the European Food Safety Authority the most concerning motifs are the abuse of antibiotics, hormones and steroids in ranch creatures; fungicide remainders in food; and food complements. Other enterprises that have arisen are around the use of complements, food hygiene and food poisoning from bacteria.


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Dr. Archana Ainapure,

Symbiosis Skills and Professional University

Vinay Oswal,

NAFARI (National Agricultural and Food Analysis and Research Institute)

Ms. Seema Singh
Founder Director at Seema Singh’s Nutrition Clinic

Ex Chief Clinical Nutritionist and HOD at Fortis Healthcare


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