Benefits of Collaboration

Benefits of Collaboration

USFN welcomes applications from Colleges and Universities for collaboration to work together for academic advancement and research development. Institutional Collaboration is a relationship of great mutual benefit to both. USFN helps for the Academic development has a history of meaningful, collaboration and partnerships that reflect the values of the academic community.

Benefits Of Collaboration

USFN will be conducting international conference every year at the college campus to provide a world class forum and scope for research development and promotion.

USFN will be conducting a series of workshops for students to reduce the gap between academic and practical implementation of curriculum

Concession in professional membership. Faculties and professionals of Institutions/Universities can avail USFN professional membership at a nominal membership fees

Concession in student membership the organization will be granting a concession to the students to apply for student membership at USFN Young Research Forum [YRF].

Faculties and students can avail concession on registration fees at conferences, workshops and other world class events conducted by USFN at different Universities and Institutions all across the world.

Students and faculties of Universities/Institutions can avail concession for publication for research paper at our highly cited journals and transactions

Research Talks - USFN will be appointing its eminent members from abroad, IITs, IISc, PSUs and leading industries to interact with faculties and students of Universities/Institutions every year.

USFN will be conducting industrial visit programs for students.

USFN will be providing necessary support to the college to avail funds under its research funding scheme [RFS]

Avenues for employment

Analytical problem-solving skills

Wide Exposure / high level contacts

Innovative Ideas

Accelerated Business Velocity

Improved Flexibility of the Organization

Enhanced Individual Productivity

Persistent to handle any situation



Mutual Mobility of the members so that they can learn from each other and acquire international competencies.

To enable people and systems capacity building for sustainable growth.

Plan, direct and organize beneficial programs on recent trends approved by the directors.

Exchange of key people for conferences, workshops & all scientific events organized or sponsored by USFN.

To increase participation in research activities.

Collaboration keep the employees engaged

Higher Retention Rates

Focused HR Practices

Balance Team and Individual Participation

Increased community awareness. The bigger the organization or group, their output will also have greater impact and reach.

Increased Efficiency for Remote Teams: E-collaboration tool or online can connect people from different places and remove the emptiness by active participation.

Employee Skill-Building: One can learn from the other group thereby fostering relationships & expanding their skill sets.

Overcoming obstacles. Through partnership, if one party encounters crisis the other organization will reach out for assistance.

Access to constituents and funding. By way of association benefits more opportunities thereby bridge for more exposure.

More Complex Decision-Making: Too many people with too many decisions will complicate the situation, here leadership skills will articulate directions.

Low Cost Savings: Overnight the benefits of partnership cannot be reaped, it will result in due course of time.

Big-Picture View – While working together with different groups or departments, they understand their contribution is towards a larger goal and work meaning fully.

Different Starting Positions: Adaptability to new practises might not be comfortable initially, therefore flexible strategy to be implemented.

Break stereotype and benefit from diversity – Instead of giving the same resolution, a diverse team can bring about new innovations.