Meeting Videos & Slides

Meeting Videos & Slides


Dr Pratima Khandelwal
Founder- FlyHigh , Mentor (Food Technology)

Atal Incubation Centre

Jyothy Institute of Technology Foundation and Professor of Practice

FLAHS, RUAS Bengaluru, Karnataka India

Dr. Pratima Khandelwal addressed to the audience on “Indian food industry': opportunities unlimited” In the virtual celebration event "Celebrating 74th Republic Day with IFERP" organized under the guidance of Mr. Rudra Bhanu Satpathy, Founder and CEO, Technoarete group. Dr Pratima discussed India's current status in the global food industry as well as the major food industry sectors that requires immediate improvement, including production, processing, technology integration, engineering, research, and marketing to feed the country's rapidly expanding population who need to remain healthy and hunger-free. Dr. Pratima emphasised the significance of maintaining a balance between food production, food waste management and the role that technological breakthroughs like IOT, AR, and big data play in achieving this equilibrium. While examining the current state of global food security, she emphasised the need for colleges and other institutions to host distinctive entrepreneurship programmes for start-ups that must cater to the food industry and its improvement. Additionally, she pointed out that the requirement for extensive funding and research into crucial domains of the food industry like meat mimics, 3D printed foods, omics, and symbiotic and postbiotics to expand the global and Indian food industry.